The value of uniqueness

Customize your combination of millions available

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Fidelio is your secret word, the access code to a world of unique and personalized objects able to support your way of life and adaptable  to your personality.
For the first time in the luxury sector is the Customer to be placed in the center, no longer forced to comply with aesthetic standards that do not belong to him.
Fidelio is the first design brand in the world to establish and identify the category of customizable luxury design.
Each object can be customized, combining into one alchemic composition all the finishes available.
Each composition is a unique and personal.
Combining all the finishes you get up to 9 million of possible combinations.
In the most complex objects these combinations arrive up to 21 million.

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Each unique object is part of our life, accompanies us in our daily journey shaping our personality: in our homes on business trips, wherever we meet him.
There are 7 selected objects that are part of the world Fidelio: Sideboard, Consolle, Table, Big Coffe table, Small Coffe table, Vanity, Whiskey case. All the pieces come from a developed concept, thanks to a specific know-how in the interiors of yachts of Luxury, in this particular sector the propensity to the customization is very high, every piece, every detail, every material choice, must tell deepest part of the owner soul.
The concept of the Vanity desk was conceived together with Yachy Owner’s Wife, she like that  every detail has been studied for Create a perfect makeup experience.
Each piece can be requested in a “nautical” configuration, with special features that make it fixable and usable in yachts and superyachts installations.

Who owns a Fidelio object does not it only appropriates a luxury object to show off, but give yourself the chance to create the identity of one’s world.
Often one or more objects belonging a combination is associated to tell a story, to give uniqueness to a project combining the chosen materials with respect to the context.
The different proposals allow you to play With the feelings you want to offer: In this way a destined combination to a client for a loft in New York, will tell the industrial style of life of the owner, and this will be completely different from the one to come chosen in Sao Paulo In Brazil for a villa by the sea, inspired by exotic atmospheres and jungle colors.
Similarly they can be create combinations suitable for hospitality groups to make all the structures recognizable by donating the customer always feels the same excellence in the living room.

For those who want the complete  Fidelioworld experience, for business  operators or studios there is the possibility to request a personal consultation, create ambiances and objects completely from scratch, an immersive approach which includes all the concept phases, engineering development and delivery of the project. This phase is applicable both in the  “buinding” sector than in the yachting world.

Hide your Own Secret

Customize your combination of millions available

(OnlyONE magazine – #4 issue)

Each of us has a private place, a place of the soul where it holds its deepest being, where to feel at ease and in harmony with oneself. To make this happen it is necessary to surround ourselves with objects that represent something unique for us, that truly belong to us. Being able to choose the exact combination that represents us gives us the opportunity to tell something about ourselves, or keep it hidden from the eyes of others because only we know the reason for this choice.
The uniqueness. This is the real added value: that particular finish, or that particular color we have chosen, hiding it inside; it brings to mind a distant memory hidden deep within us, or it wants to represent a new phase of life where we decide the tone of the context that influences our days.
Being able to choose every detail, gives the opportunity to tell your own story, makes each project unique.

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These are the two coffee tables by Fidelio, in the small (“Espresso”) and large (“Americano”) version, they find their place in the living rooms, but also in luxurious bathrooms, you will only have to decide how to compose the soul of the piece to make sure that it perfectly suits your style or the room to which it will be dedicated.
Make it unique!
Each piece can be customized, choosing the metal finish of the structure, or among the various options for the support surface: in natural marble, with precious hard stones, the warm veins of wood, the pungent reflections of a mirror, or a soft leather top with refined stitching.
The top becomes a tray and discovers an unexpected heart inside, a small colored secret, which had only announced its reflections in a whisper on the metal surface of the edge.
Is this the choice that gives character to the whole combination, a harmonious nuance or a provocative choice? The internal color can be selected from the infinite choice of the natural color system, complementing millions of possible combinations with the other top and metal finish options.
Once made, each piece will be assigned a numbering that makes it inimitable.
It’s up to you to play with the combinations and make the one that most belongs to you unique.

A treasure chest that encloses a world, when the doors are opened, they peel over the main structure, letting a captivating color shine through, visible only from the upper surface made of precious malachite.
Each surface of the interior is covered in gold mirror, exactly like all the metal details.
The reflections inside multiply endlessly creating a magical effect, the three accessory drawers are in green leather embellished with the sartorial detail of the stitching in tone.

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